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Current Landscape

The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNIs) in India is likely to rise by more than 60% by 2025

Wealth of the wealthiest in India increased ten fold over the last decade. In the last 2 years, the cumulative net worth of UHNIs increased by ~50%.
On the other hand, more than 200 million Indians were pushed into poverty during the pandemic.
India has a structural spending gap of 5% to 6% of GDP, relative to BRICS
2-3% of UHNIs' net worth (in line with the global average) can unlock funding of ₹ 600 - 1000 billion

Our vision is to see strategic philanthropy impact India’s transformation. And we will achieve this by building a vibrant network by and for philanthropists – to inspire, influence and inform strategic giving.

Give more

Giving has lagged behind despite a growing pool of first-generation wealth creators who have the ability to give forward.

Give sooner

Individuals tend to engage in philanthropy later in life (between 60-75 years of age), though they often have resources to give sooner.

Give better

A robust ecosystem of knowledge, learnings, and peer networks is required to support individuals to give better.

Accelerate Indian Philanthropy or AIP aims to inspire and inform philanthropy as a means to nation-building and positive development outcomes.

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I strongly believe that those of us, who are privileged to have wealth, should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged.

- Azim Premji

Our Mission

Ashish Dhawan

I believe a lot more needs to be done particularly to encourage first-time givers. AIP aims to fill this gap and spur philanthropy in a very structured manner.

The Convergence Foundation

Rohini Nilekani 

I believe those who are already in philanthropy and enjoying it and making a difference have a responsibility to share their stories widely, and to be very transparent about their giving. By promoting such accountability, AIP is playing an essential role in building trust with the communities we serve.

Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

Amit Chandra

Take small steps, find a cause you are passionate about, but set out on your philanthropic journey as soon as possible and start both learning and enjoying it. Through AIP, we aim to facilitate individuals and their families to act now to contribute to a brighter future.

ATE Chandra Foundation

Pia Singh

Philanthropy offers an opportunity to bring about transformative social impact and recognize our interconnectedness. Through AIP’s peer network, I have found a supportive community as I continue my giving journey.

DLF Foundation

From Our Founders

Accelerate Indian Philanthropy is a peer network set up by philanthropists for philanthropists to support their giving efforts

Personal wealth accumulation is witnessing phenomenal growth but philanthropy continues to lag far behind

Philanthropy can solve the most complex social challenges of our times

At AIP, we catalyse giving through the power of collaboration and evidence-based action.

Philanthropists Speak Video Series

In-depth conversations between India’s leading philanthropists

Our Founders play a pivotal role in inspiring and supporting effective giving. Some of our other founders are Aakash Chaudhry, GV Prasad, Mukul Agrawal, Nitasha Thapar, Pia Singh, Pramod Bhasin, Rizwan Koita and Swathi Kantamani.

In the news

More than two-thirds of non-profit organisations struggle to access funders for their respective causes, while 61 per cent of them receive less than a quarter of their funding in an unrestricted manner, according to AIP's report 'Getting Non-profits in India Scale Ready'

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India's golden age of philanthropy is within reach. Our emergent golden age of giving can serve a strategic purpose in helping us transform the economy over the next 25 years

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Philanthropy can help unlock India's economic potential and serve a strategic purpose in accelerating socio-economic transformation over the next decade. We hope that the upcoming Union Budget facilitates 'ease of giving' through suitable tax policy changes.

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Most non-profits find meeting funders’ reporting, compliance requirements burdensome, according to AIP's report 'Getting Non-profits in India Scale Ready'

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